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Information Hub

Vision & Values

Promatia has a detailed vision of the future. Find out how you can help us help you.

Our Government

Learn more about Promatia's unique system of government, how laws are passed, and how Ministires are formed and run.

Our Plan

See how you plan to bring Promatia in to fruition. Get a roadmap of events and updates.


Find out what being a citizen of Promatia will mean to you, and how to becoming a citizen of Promatia can help the project.


Need to know more about myPro and how to best utilize the resources it provides? We have you covered with this indepth guide about the myPro platform.


It can be a little confusing trying to find a specific service we offer. So we put them all into one easy to access location.


Lumina will be Promatia's first city. Learn about how it will be built, what techonologies we will use, and what to look forward to.


Need help getting involved in Promatia's direct democracy? No problem! You can inform yourself on the voting process here.

Starting a Business

Do you plan to start or operate an existing business in Promatia? We can help you set up your business to get it up and running smoothly.

Monetary System

Learn more about Promatia's unique digital currency, the Proma, and how using it can automate taxes and transactions with PromaBank.


Promatia aims to provide world class education curriculum. Learn how to register and reroll in our education programs.

Work & Employment

Applying for a new job? Promatia lists every employer looking to hire. Find out how to use this tool to job search.

We also offer a wide range of Government Services.