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Vision & Values

Promatia has a detailed vision of the future. Find out how you can help us help you.

Our Government

Promatia's unique governance system puts you in control of how our government works.

Our Plan

See our plan to bring Promatia in to fruition. Get a roadmap of events and updates.


Find out the benefits of becoming citizen in Promatia. Get involed, along with hundreds others today.


myPro is Promatia's digital government portal that lets citizens access government services.


Find the services our government offers, all in one single place. Click here to learn more.


Lumina will be Promatia's first city. Learn how it will be built, and what technologies we will use.


Want to learn why Promatia is the easiest, cheapest and best place to start your business? Find out here.

Monetary System

Learn how we will revolutionize banking in Promatia, with out unique digital currency, the Proma.


Learn about Promatia's free and revolutionary education system. Register your interest today!


Applying for a new job? Find every employer looking to hire, and learn about your rights.


Want to start a fresh life with your family? Learn about what we're doing for families.

Budgeting & FairTax

Our government keeps a carefully mangaged budget. Learn about our automated tax system, FairTax.


Keep up to date with Promatia's fast acting legal system. View all of of our active & proposed legislation.


Get information for how you can visit Promatia's city, and it's unique iconic sights.

Media & Press

Are you a member of the press looking to speak to a Promatian representative? Contact us here.