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Government System

  • Ministers & Ministries
  • Citizens Assembly
  • Constitution

Government System

The Promatian government follows a unique system whose characteristics are only found in rare circumstances around the world. These characteristics include the Assembly, the direct democracy of Promatia. The Promatian system of direct democracy is found in some cantons in Switzerland, where they vote in a direct democracy. Historically, the direct democracy system was also used in ancient Athens, the first instance of what we know as democracy in the world.

The Promatian government doesn't have executive, judicial, or legislative branches like other nations do. The Promatian system involves a combination of the executive and parliamentary systems under the Assembly, where all citizens have a vote in electing high-level government officials and have an equal vote on the laws that come into effect. Despite the contrast between the Promatian direct democracy, like other nations, Promatians elect judges in their courts.

Ministers & Ministries

The Promatian executive branch consists of several Ministries, which are most often run by Ministers. Sometimes, however, Promatian ministries can be run by a group of Ministers like in the case of Promabank. An interesting fact about Promabank is that it's the only Ministry to now have "Minisitry" in its name.

The organisational structure of a Ministry is determined by its enacting legislation which determines the powers of the Ministry too.

Ministries often host their services on myPro, the main portal on the Promatian government website. myPro offers the services of the Ministry of Organisation (creating and managing organisations, as the name implies), the Ministry of the Assembly (voting), Promabank, the Ministry of Land, and more.

View the Ministries and their Ministers:


The Promatian government is directly accountable to the Constitution. The Constitution sets the fundamental rules and policies governing Promatia. The Constitution, through 5 parts establishes:

  • the Government of Promatia (Part 1)
  • the rules pertaining to amending the Constitution (Part 1)
  • the name of the nation and government of Promatia (Part 2, Section 1, Paragraph 1)
  • the motto of Promatia (Part 2, Section 1, Paragraph 2)
  • the capital of Promatia (Part 2, Section 1, Paragraph 3)
  • the official language of Promatia (Part 2, Section 1, Paragraph 4)
  • the flag of Promatia (Part 2, Section 2)
  • the Assembly (Part 3)
  • the Senate (Part 4)
  • the legal system (Part 5)
  • the protected acts (Part 5, Section 3)

Part 1: Foundation (4 Sections long) establishes the Constitution and Government of Promatia.

Part 2: National Identity (2 Sections long) establishes the “national identity” (the name, motto, capital, languages, and flag) of Promatia.

Part 3: Assembly (4 Sections long) establishes the Assembly and the rules pertaining to voting in the Assembly and other necessary and proper rules.

Part 4: Senate (7 Sections long) establishes the Senate and the rules pertaining to the Senate.

Part 5: Law System (3 Sections long) establishes the system that laws exist in Promatia (through acts), the hierarchy of legislation, and the protected acts in Promatia.