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Vision & Values

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Promatia is a social experiment to establish a new Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in northern Australia. A special economic zone is a city with its own autonomous government, enabling more experimental policies to be used. This means our city will be able to revolutionise the way we deal with the government, in areas ranging from education, healthcare, currency and banking, law-making and much more.

Promatia is a project that aims to construct a peaceful and co-operative self-governing body in an uninhabited part of northern Australia. Our project is establishing a city with scalable infrastructure that will enable it to grow rapidly. It is a collection of bright minds with the goal of establishing a technologically innovative, and environmentally sustainable city, with full transparency and citizen involvement.

Promatia provides an open and democratic architecture for digital governance. A place where any citizen can contribute to the rule of law.

People in Promatia shall feel free from the threat of corruption. That includes foreign interference and corporate interference. Promatia is the place where people have the power to influence policy, make an impact and change lives.

Our project is looking for people that want to make an impact with their skills, no matter what they are. We're always looking for new citizens with useful skills, resources and knowledge.