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Welcome to Promatia, a new country project located on the Australian continent bordering the Gulf of Carpentaria. Promatia has its own government, currency and laws.

Promatia formed from the unification of a number of smaller young nation projects, with history leading back to November of 1999.

Promatia is in the process of establishing a new and autonomous government, city, community, and country. Promatia is on a fast track to becoming a self-sufficient, sustainable and independent nation.

Our aspirations are to:

  • Create a pragmatic government, led by citizens, for citizens.
  • Allow citizens to pursue their life goals, aided by Promatia's unique governmental system.
  • Develop inexpensive, modern infrastructure, to achieve the highest living standards.
  • Modernize and digitize every aspect of governance, banking, education, and more.
  • Create a model example of environmental-sustainably and economic-viably.
  • Create a safe and free society, where citizens can pursue their life goals.

We are always looking for new risk-loving, educated, and passionate citizens who want to start a new life in Promatia. Citizens can help our project through their intellectual, physical, financial, entrepreneurship, or networking skills.

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The Modern Solution to Governance

Since Promatia was reformed in August of 2019, our goal has been to create a citizen experience, unlike any nation. Promatia is focused on providing technological innovation in the area of digital governance. We strive to provide a world-class experience and quality of response in all government services.

Digital Governance

Our nation is pioneering in digital technology in an effort to eliminate bureacracy. Our goal is to make everyday life easy for citizens, and make dealing with government simple. In Promatia, every citizen receives a myPro account, which connects them, granting them access a wide range of government services including, but not limited to:

Human Services
Instant Voting
Business Registration
Employment Services
Healthcare Benefits
Education Enrollment
Budget & Finances
Land Allocation
Tax Affairs
Utility Services

The heavy digitization and automation, of these services, allows for smaller government, lower taxes, faster response, and better efficiency.

By Citizens, For Citizens

Promatia’s government uses a digital direct democracy for drafting its laws and electing government officials. This means that our citizens decide what laws pass, and have the power to elect the representatives who administer them. Every citizen has a voice in the way the nation is run. Citizens can propose laws, and petition for them to be passed onto the direct democracy. They may do this of their own volition.

Banking & Tax

Promatia has created a new digital currency, the Proma, and the banking system to come along with it. Our banking system PromaBank automates taxation from the Point of Sale. Our tax is a progressive consumption tax charged on purchases. Income and wages are tax-free until the money that was earned is spent. Promatia only has one central bank, which enables instantaneous money transfers nationwide.

The Plan To Establish a City

Promatia plans to establish a new modern city in our claimed territory. Our nation has made significant progress on our plans, and the beginning of construction is not far away. The city will be named Lumina, which means approximately Light in Latin. The city is named after Colonel William Light, who founded the city of Adelaide in Australia. Join us in Lumina, as we set out to create another legacy with Promatia.


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1st August, 2019