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Welcome to Promatia, a new country project located in Northern Australia with its own government, currency and laws.

Promatia's historical roots go as far back as 1999, formed from large number of new nation-state projects that unified to form promatia.

Promatia is in the process of establishing a new and autonomous government, city, community, country, society and nation. Promatia is on-track to becoming a self-sufficient, sustainable and independent nation.

Our aspirations are to:

  • Create a pragmatic government, led by citizens for citizens.
  • Allow citizens to pursue their life goals, aided by our government.
  • Develop cheap, modern infrastructure, to achieve truly high living standards.
  • Modernize and digitize banking, education, governance and much more.
  • Create a model for an environmentally-sustainable and economically-viable nation
  • Create a safe and free society, where citizens can pursue their life goals.

We are always looking for new risk-loving and passionate citizens who want to start a new life in Promatia. Citizens can help through intellect, muscle, enterprise, finance or networking

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